Normandy And The D-Day Landing -

Normandy And The D-Day Landing

Normandy And The D-Day Landing

There are many things that you should know about Normandy and D-day. First of all, what is this D-day? The D-day is nothing but a day when troops from Canada, France, the US, and the UK attacked German forces. It happened on June 6th of 1944, on the coast of northern France and it was one of the largest military air, naval, and land operation that was marked. It attempted the beginning of the campaign towards liberating north-west Europe that is Nazi-occupied. D-Day also involved altogether landing of thousands of troops in Normandy in 5 separate troops.

Normandy And D-Day

Originally, this D-Day was planned on June 5th. The planning was started before a year. The reason behind this was this day is said to be the date for combining low water and full moon at first sight. But because of the storms, this was postponed to June 6th. Meaning of the word D-day is nothing but the first day of the operation in military terms.

Normandy And The D-Day Landing
Normandy And The D-Day Landing

D-Day-What Happened On This day?

On this day, airborne troops were dropped behind the enemy lines a few hours before, but there were thousands of the ships that were gathered off the coast of Normandy. However, these were planned and kept for the main attack.

The invasions were indeed expected. Meantime, the German military leader’s thoughts that these initial attacks are nothing but just diversionary tactics. There was deception in their plans in the upcoming week after this attack. At this point, they realized that there would be some main invasion that can happen further at the coast.

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There were many surprise elements. So, these were the major reasons that helped the British troops in establishing the foothold on the beach. Here, they kept the codename as Gold for this beach. In addition to this, there was one more establishment by Canadians on another beach that was called Juno. Later, British troops came and established in Sword beach.

American soldiers were able to land on the other westernmost beach, and that was Utah beach, but Americans were landed with no major casualties. In the nearby beach called Omaha, the US force experienced serious losses. Bombing raids, as well as naval barrage that was planned against German defense, went ineffective. More than this, the Americans were able to encounter certain crack divisions in German troops.

D-Day- Early Hours

Soon after midnight, three airborne divisions of British and US that were containing nearly 23,000 men took off. It was planned for securing the flanks at the beaches. However, Myriad landing crafts and naval vessels were gathered at the location.

In total, there were 7,000 landing crafts and ships that were involved in D-Day. There was a total of 156,000 men, and more than 10,000 vehicles were spread in 5 beaches.

Final Thoughts On Normandy

Normandy And The D-Day Landing
Normandy And The D-Day Landing

By the end of the D-Day, they were able to get a foothold in France. But, even after this foothold, allied forces were feeling that they are at risk, and they may be pushed back into the sea again. So, they started to build up their forces, so that it should be faster than German could actually reinforce theirs.

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