International Holocaust Memorial Day Israel

Holocaust Memorial Day Israel

Holocaust Day is marked not only in Israel but also in other countries to remember the deaths in the concentration camps and the forced labor camps. The Holocaust Memorial Day Israel is among the most solemn and important memorial events that also pays tribute to the Jewish people martyred by the Nazis, and also to the survivors of the horrors of the concentration camps.

This holocaust occurred during World War II and this international day commemorates the death of 6 million Jews and 11 million other people. It was created to remember all the people who passed away and to make the people today remember this history. Their goal is to leave a lesson on what happened during the holocaust.

The United Nations Resolution

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The first International Holocaust Remembrance Day was conducted on January 27, 2005. This was designated by the United Nations in its General Assembly Resolution No. 60/7 during the UN’s 42nd plenary session. The resolution to enact the Memorial Day was widely and unanimously supported.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day comes after the anniversary of the liberation of the various Nazi concentration camps on January 24. This is the date when the Holocaust ended with the defeat of the Nazis, and the fall of Adolf Hitler from power.

In the weeks preceding Remembrance Day itself, various activities and commemorative events are held in Israel and other countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Among such activities are candle-lighting ceremonies, historical symposia, and fora wherein Holocaust survivors give their testimonies regarding their experiences and how they survived, and finally there are tributes to the memory of those who were tortured and killed by the Nazis.

Remembering History

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Holocaust Memorial Day Israel is commemorated to ensure that the current generation of both Jewish and non-Jewish citizens are aware of what took place in the past. This is so that societies will be on their guard against discrimination against Jewish people in particular, and people of other religious persuasions and beliefs in general. People must be made aware that the Holocaust could have been prevented if citizens in Germany and the leaders of other nations took immediate action against the Nazi’s rising anti-Semitic campaign that Hitler was fomenting.

There have been different ways to celebrate this and one of them is by a memorial where someone gives lessons to the youth and focuses on how the future generations will prevent racism, prejudice, bigotry, and hatred. They decided to focus more on teaching the youth because they believed that someday, they hold the key to the future that can change the world.

The Wrap Up

While some Jews do not want to celebrate this annual commemoration, there are still who remember this day every year. It gives lessons to people today to respect each other’s culture, race, and beliefs.

After all, we cannot blame the Jews because they have been through so much hatred and discrimination. May this day is our cue to stop hating one another and start forgiving.

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