Europe Continent Post World War II: How The European Face Changed?

Europe Continent Post World War II: How The European Face Changed?

Europe continent faced a lot of changes during the alliances of the wartime. Tensions between Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union increased rapidly when the war came to a close. The leaders of this country discussed Germany. Negotiations after the war took place in two different conferences. Yalta conference happened before the end of the war.

On the other hand, the world leaders attended the Potsdam conference when the Second World War came to an end officially. These two conferences sowed the seed of the cold war. Not only the cold war, but they ended up dividing the Europe continent.

Yalta Conference: Division Of Europe Continent

Two Unidentified Re-enactors Dressed As German Wehrmacht Infantry Soldiers In World War II Hidden Sitting With Rifle Weapon In An Ambush In Trench In Spring Or Autumn Forest

Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Stalin took part in this conference to discuss the reorganization of the Europe continent. These three people were the leaders of three different countries. They had their ideas regarding the rebuilding of order in Europe. After much discussion, they came up with a decision.

First of all, they decided to make Nazi Germany surrender without any clause. Moreover, they divided Germany and Berlin into four occupational zones. The leaders decided that Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States, and France would control each of these zones. The leaders took care of the German prisoners, as well. They decided to force them into labour for repairing the damages caused by the nation to other nations. The communist provisional government of Poland was in charge of controlling the country as well. Ultimately, the Soviet Union agreed to take part in the Security Council along with the United Nations.

Postdam Conference

When the Second World War ended officially, the country leaders arranged the Postdam Conference for approximately two weeks. Harry Truman, the successor of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Clement Attlee, took part in this conference along with Winston Churchill. It had a huge effect on the Europe continent, as well.

The world leaders decentralized, demilitarized, and identified the country. Not only was that, but the prosecution of Nazi war criminals decided in this conference. Germany and Berlin were divided in the same manner as the leaders discussed. In the Yalta Conference, Germany was an economy of heavy industries. But after the war, it was forced to be a part of light domestic industry and agricultural economy. The discussion of these conferences shifted the eastern border of Germany for reducing its size. The resident of those places became part of Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia.

It was not the end of the discussion. More things have a heavy impact on the Europe continent. Soviet-controlled Polish government emerged in this conference as the leaders discussed it in the Yalta Conference. Lastly, Truman and Churchill announced the declaration of the Potsdam conference while asking the Japanese to surrender without any clause.

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