Allies WWI: Know About Their Enemies -

Allies WWI: Know About Their Enemies

Allies WW1: Know About The Enemies

In 1941, Thailand was in alliance with Japan; the Allies of WW1 became popular. Thailand was one of the highly valuable powers for Axis. Thailand contributed through ports, airfields, and railways. These all were highly instrumental mainly in planned invasions of Burma and Malaya. Even though this partnership was never equal in powers, their allies WW1 always succeeded. Because of the military pressure, Thailand joined Axis. It was similar to what many other countries did in the past.

Allies WW1

It is challenging to understand why countries decided to join the Allies and Axis. Some of them are based on the military power that is held by the country. Another reason can be based on the political system which they followed. The most important thing was their geographical location, and it matters a lot in joining one of the groups.

Allies WW1: Know About The Enemies
Allies WW1: Know About The Enemies

When we try to understand the course of WW2, it looks more complicated than WW1. For this, we should understand the main powers and players involves and their goals. So, let’s understand the Allies and Axis powers that were present in WW2.

Who Were the Allies

The major allied powers present were Great Britain, China, The United States, and the Soviet Union. The main leader in the Allies was Winston Churchill of Great Britain, Franklin Roosevelt of the United States, and Joseph Stalin from the Soviet Union.

Know More About Allies WW1

Each country had its imagination and ideas regarding the after-effects and the post-war world. They imagined how this world would look like after the war, and they were unique in their imaginations. Churchill always thought about creating post-war Europe, so that it prevents Germany from raising one more time. The United States always wanted and dreamed of the permanent end of Germany, Japan, and Italy. They wanted to foster democracy all over the world.

What the Soviet Union and Stalin dreamed of? They wanted to crush Germany completely and aimed to gain influence over the entire Europe.

Who Were the Axis Powers

The Axis Powers involves Italy, Japan, and Germany. The leaders here were Emperor Hirohito from Japan, Benito Mussolini from Italy, and Adolf Hitler from Germany.

Allies WW1: Know About The Enemies
Allies WW1: Know About The Enemies

This Axis alliance started with Germany’s partnership with Italy and Japan. It was in 1940, and it was the result of the Tripartite Pact. It is also popular in the Three-Power Pact. The prime purpose here was to maintain and establish new orders that help in promoting the welfare and mutual prosperity of the people involved. They all supported their partner’s goals when it comes to territorial expansions. They all aimed to destruct the Soviet Union. Meantime, they also acknowledged their supremacy in their geographical areas.

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