5 Greatest War Movies of All Time

Best War Movies

Different people have different tastes when it comes to movies, so someone who enjoys watching romantic comedies or science-fantasy films cannot automatically be expected to like war movies. Even so, even rom-com enthusiasts can have their list of the best war movies of all time.

War movies have many speculations. Yet, many love to view the cinema because the issues inside the movie adds more drama, just like in reality. There is an every story from every person during wars and some movies shows their real-life experience as a captive, soldier, or captivator.

This is a list of a rom-com lovers’ greatest war movies: Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) by Guillermo del Toro; Saving Private Ryan (1998) by Steven Spielberg; Platoon (1986) by Oliver Stone; Dunkirk (2017) by Christopher Nolan; and Grave of the Butterflies (1988) by Isao Takahata of Studio Ghibli.

All of these movies have amazing screenplays, even more amazing actors, and the messages they delivered to audiences spoke painfully and honestly of the ravages of war on people who would have otherwise lived meaningful lives if they hadn’t died in the wars they fought in or became a victim of. Civilians and soldiers suffer in wars, and the gaping holes they leave in the lives of those they leave behind can never be filled.

The best war movies are the movies that do not attempt to justify wars, especially wars waged in the name of capitalism and profit agendas like, say, the United States’ war against Iraq. That was a war that was unjustified as the George W. Bush government invented reports that Iraq was keeping weapons of mass destruction and that it meant to use said weapons against the US.

As a result of that war, Iraq was reduced to rubble, thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed, but not a single WMD was found. It is for reasons like this that makes it hard to stomach movies that glorify unjust wars.

Instead, a good war movie is a movie that condemns unjust wars and exposes them as devastating events that lead to massive and needless loss of life. The reality is that no one benefits from war but the warmongers and the manufacturers of weapons and ammunition. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers die, and the numbers of civilians who also end up killed and considered as collateral damage are even higher. The devastation unjust wars create is massive, and the best war movies are those that do not whitewash the reasons for the destruction and package them as noble or righteous.


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Some war movies are based on the real-life situation in the past. It shows how they have a rich culture even during war. The movies have depicted what their life looks like and how they survive through the years. Although it is not accurate, it is still important to watch different movies that shows how our culture did. War movies portray how their life was during battlecries and loss.

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